Content Workshops

Content is one of the most difficult areas to get right, causing project delays and frustration, often because the time it takes to create quality copy is underestimated.

Thankfully, we can make the entire experience painless through content workshops. Our content workshops are structured and engaging, ensuring content creation and accountability is fully mapped out from the outset.

Our workshops enable content to be agreed and understood at a very early stage for websites, mobile apps and any other digital products. By adopting this approach, we take a stage often left until the end of a project, and check it off right at the start, significantly helping to reduce delays later on.

Our content workshops will generally take on the following format:

  • Agree topics – including main headings and sub headings. In a website, this could include a site map of content.
  • Identify the source of content – is this going to be provided by a copywriter or individual within the business? Think Digitally also offer copywriting services where this is required.
  • Assign – someone to own this content and be responsible for it.
  • Agree the format – of the content and how long it needs to be. Receiving content in various different formats can slow down the process.
  • Validate – and check content, in particular against the brand and SEO requirements. This is essential with website content for example, to ensure text contains keywords that boost site visibility within search engines.
  • Create a central repository – for content and / or assign a gatekeeper to manage ready for use.

Speak to us today about content workshops and how we can help streamline your project.