Professional copywriting adds great value to your website content, helping your site perform better for SEO purposes and improve your social strategy. It’s true anyone can write copy, however it’s a time consuming exercise and it’s very easy to lose momentum on larger projects.  

An otherwise great website can be let down by weak copy, quickly resulting in visitors abandoning in search of more engaging content. At Think Digitally we work alongside leading industry talent who create winning content on your behalf.

Important factors we consider when creating copy include:

Engaging – with a wealth of information available online, people have a limited attention span and need to be engaged quickly. A copywriter will know their audience well and explore ways of connecting with them at all levels.

Authenticity – ensuring information is valid, current and unbiased. Also ensuring copy is original when used online as search engines will penalise duplication.

Value – content that is meaningful and prompts a positive reaction. For example, a potential enquiry or purchase from your website. Copywriters are well in tune with their audience and can embed great emotional elements within copy, often causing an action.

Our Copywriting service works in close collaboration with our Content Workshops, ensuring copy is strategically placed for the best user experience and optimised for reference by search engines.

We can provide copy for many industries using leading experts from that sector. They will have their finger on the pulse of latest trends and what people are reading.

Whether you are looking to improve your current copy or develop completely new content for your website, we can help – please contact us.