Digital Identity

A Digital Identity is your key to making an impact online, and includes a catalogue of services focused on your complete online presence. This includes developing a comprehensive digital brand to be incorporated across all your media.

A Digital Identity can be seen as your footprint online, leaving a trail that leads back to you and something that cannot be mistaken. To achieve such an identity, we can work with you on the following areas:

  • Branding – we conduct a sequence of bespoke branding workshops aimed at exploring the organisation, vision and beliefs. We often incorporate contemporary and untraditional techniques to free the mind and capture ideas – loved by all our clients that have participated!
  • Identity –  working in close alliance with the brand requirements, we can help you find your perfect company name and strapline. Again through the use of exciting and engaging workshops, we can home in on a name that fits. We went through our own process to come up with our company name Think Digitally!

Logo – we can design the perfect logo that fits flawlessly with your brand, company name and strapline. We designed our Think Digitally logo, with the dashed “T” requiring some ‘thought’ to make out the letter T.

Integration – your digital identity must be deployed consistently across all touchpoints including your website, SEO and Social Strategy. We can integrate this to ensure your brand is recognised and interpreted correctly.  

Speak to us today about helping you to create a powerful Digital Identity. We can become involved at any stage and still add value.