Using professional photography on your website significantly improves the quality, appeal, and originality of the site. A single image can have a powerful message that people become emotionally connected or empathic with.

Stock photos don’t tend to have this ability, nor are they taken with your vision or brand in mind. Trying to align your needs with stock photography can be time consuming and satisfactory at best.

It’s not essential to exhibit bespoke photography across an entire website (although this is the ultimate), however, it’s valuable in key areas – particularly the landing pages and areas where people might get an impression of you (such as About Us).

The Think Digitally collective includes a diverse talent pool of photographers, suiting a range of needs and budgets. Our photography services include:

  • General photography – such as building, landscape, fashion, food or moving scene photography.
  • Portraits – professional images of staff, formal or contemporary.
  • Aerial / drone photography – imagery from height or places not easily accessible.
  • Artistic / abstract photography – creative and unusual photos.
  • 360 photography – photos taken with specialised cameras to provide a 360 view. We have one on our website!
  • Low light / long exposure – for capturing photos in darkness such as city photos, moving traffic etc.  
  • Time lapse and special effects – illustrating something happening over time or creating interesting effects.
  • Underwater – shallow and photography at depth.
  • Editing / retouching – preparing and optimising images ready for your website.
  • Videography – recording high definition short videos in a studio or open environment.

Speak to us about your ideas; we can assign the most suitable talent to your project.