Plugin Development

Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, have excellent ‘out of the box’ functionality with many supporting plugins available in the marketplace. When a plugin doesn’t quite meet requirements – our plugin development service can help bridge the gap.

This approach is far more cost effective than trying to build a complete bespoke system, particularly when the majority of other features work as required. We can create a completely customised plugin, built to your exact requirements, whilst keeping everything else intact.

Our plugin development service includes the following options:

  • Complete plugin design from scratch – creating a completely new plugin to your design, following our structured Blueprint process.
  • Customising an existing plugin – taking an existing plugin and expanding functionality to include your additional requirements.
  • Fixing bugs in existing plugins – sometimes a plugin might have a bug, but has been abandoned by a developer. Where this is the case and you still need to use it, we will attempt to fix it.
  • Integrating / connecting systems together – this involves creating a plugin to allow different systems to exchange data with each other, also known as an API (Application Programming Interface).

There are limitations with plugins. However, we will carefully analyse your requirements and ensure we can create a robust, reliable and secure solution before proceeding. If we feel your project is outside the scope of a plugin, we can advise other options such as bespoke development – this can be the case with more complex systems and databases.  

Get in touch and share your ideas with us – we will be happy to discuss your plugin options available.