Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often misunderstood as ranking high in Google by using organic or paid keywords. This is only part of the story (although many companies are successfully selling clients this service alone).

The reality is that once people arrive at your site, you need to successfully control their behaviour, directing them smoothly towards making an enquiry or even buying from you.

It’s a common trap to invest heavily in a campaign to draw visitors to your website, only for them to quickly lose interest because the content and navigation is weak. True SEO is a complete ground up operation and includes the following key areas:

  • Research – understanding what keywords people are searching for, enabling you to optimise content and ensure your products and services can be found.
  • Content – creating relevant and engaging content is critical to successfully keeping a visitor on your site. You will often only have a short window of time to grab their attention.
  • Goal Setting – an SEO strategy must have clear goals set, ensuring it can be successfully measured and improved.
  • Tracking – understanding how people are using your website enables you to make improvements to the user experience. A/B testing is a good example of this, by providing multiple versions of the same content to gauge the most popular.
  • Conversion – a successful CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) strategy will mean some visitors to your site become strong leads and potentially even new clients.

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