Software Blueprint

A software project starts with a technical requirement and this usually becomes the primary focus, often a catalyst for failure because not everyone will understand or buy into this.

Our software design framework known as the ‘Blueprint’, is a comprehensive exercise that carefully analyses the technical, strategic and commercial elements of a project.


The Blueprint is a comprehensive exercise, built around people and ensuring there is alignment of vision. It covers a number of important elements including:

Strategic, commercial and technical – focusing on both the technical and non-technical areas, allowing us to understand why the project is happening, goals and objectives, commercial value and what the technical requirements are.  

User Experience (UX) and system logic design – mapping out critical processes and creating a User Experience prototype that offers a real feel of the end product.

Cost – the Blueprint enables us to confidently quote a cost and timescale for the project.

Protecting your Investment

Our Blueprint approach complements and works in harmony with existing technical ‘build’ and ‘project’ frameworks – such as Agile, PRINCE2 etc. It provides assurance for any organisation embarking on complex technical projects, protecting the investment and helping to ensure delivery is on time and on budget.


Since its introduction, we have not experienced a single failed software project and all costs have remained within agreed expectations. We have several clients who are able to support this statement, having been through the Blueprint process.


The Blueprint is scalable and adaptable for different types and sizes of software project. We can customise the framework for each client.

Speak to us today about our software design process.

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