Software Design

Great software design is about uniting technology and people together. Our Software Blueprint and User Experience processes provide a solid foundation for designing software that people actually want to use.

Once the strategic, technical and commercial elements are fully understood, the actual software application can be designed by our expert Collective. The stages of software design include applying and putting into practice everything we have learnt from the Blueprint, such as:

  • Contextual Research – designing the right interface requires a deep understanding of your audience, such as  visual aesthetics, clarity of design and colour tones to ensure ease of use.
  • User Interface Concept Design – creating a minimum of 3 different visual styles, incorporating all design elements including buttons, navigation, visual notifications and call to actions (to name a few) .
  • Accessibility Considerations – basing our design ethos on the idea that anyone could use with ease, without being tech savvy.  
  • Scalability and Security – designing all systems to be scalable and secure, maintaining a stable level of performance whilst protecting users and data as the system expands.   
  • Development Framework and Cycle – using a proven development framework and tools to build the software we design. We operate Agile methodologies using the proven JIRA software management tool.
  • Change Management – allowing for inevitable change in the design eases delays in development, particularly on longer projects. Our planning and processes allow plenty of flexibility in-flight without causing major impacts to time or budget.
  • Platform – designing applications for the most current web and mobile platforms, based on technology people are using today.
  • Cost – incorporating the most effective design to maximise the value, impact and longevity of the software application. We hand pick talent that have a deep understanding of both design and development – this lends to cost effective design decisions early on.

We have the team and expertise to design cutting edge software, share your ideas by arranging a free initial consult.