Web Development

We create stunning bespoke website themes, designed to correctly fit your brand, colour scheme and content requirements. A customised theme separates your site from that ‘out of the box’ look, adding unique design characteristics not found anywhere else.

The key focus when creating a new theme is the user experience – accounting for how a visitor navigates your site and making it easy for them at every opportunity. Strategic placement of images, text and features can also make the viewing experience much more engaging.

The quality of a theme can also have a bearing on SEO effectiveness and how the site is profiled by search engines. Poorly coded themes can be counterproductive when trying to promote a website effectively online.

For organisations that struggle to separate their services from a similar competitor, a bespoke theme could offer that additional edge. It’s common to see similar industries adopting a ‘standard’ theme thus creating an opportunity to be different.

We offer the following services for theme development including:

  • New theme – a complete design and development of a new theme from scratch ready to plug into your content.
  • Migration – migrating your site from an existing theme to a new theme.
  • Repair of broken themes – if you are not yet ready to move to a new theme, it’s sometimes possible to fix issues in an existing theme, such as display / formatting bugs.
  • Consolidation – we can bring multiple department websites within an organsation into a new theme, standardising the look and feel.
Speak to us today about theme ideas you have.