User Experience Design

A great User Experience (UX) is part of our core foundation at Think Digitally.

We believe that all technology should be designed completely with the user at heart. Creating a great user experience takes passion and commitment, requiring the detailed needs of a user to be studied and understood.

In business applications, this extra care and attention could make a huge difference in staff morale and productivity; for consumer applications it could equate to an easier and more pleasurable buying process – resulting in more sales.

Systems that lack attention to the user experience can appear completely fit for purpose (and indeed meet the technical brief), however, in reality are totally unfit for use. Sometimes improving the user experience design can mean enhancements that don’t actually change the ‘technical’ merits of a system, meaning they could be ignored whilst still yielding a successful project outcome.

At Think Digitally we place the user experience at the forefront of each project, and have industry experts within our collective to ensure everything we create is built with total focus on human interaction.

User Experience design forms part of our Blueprint process, and includes:

Interactive Wireframing – allowing us to quickly build a virtual prototype before writing any code, allowing a user to test drive very early in the design process.

Human Scenario Analysis – understanding the physical and mental state of the user whilst using a product. For example, an app for people in a rush and on the move, or those working in harsh conditions with little time to think.

Process Engineering – finding opportunities to improve, streamline and reduce effort. For example, reducing the number of taps to navigate a screen.

We always love to talk about the user experience, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.