Initial Consult

  • Strategic Analysis

    Client Information

  • 1 - The Vision

  • These should be strategic reasons and not purely technical outcomes. Absolute clarity needed on ‘why’ as this will be the supporting factor for the project going ahead.
  • 2 - Outcomes, Goals and Objectives.

  • 3 - Understanding the business, individual or entrepreneur

  • 4 - Competitor / Market / ‘Off the Shelf’ Analysis

  • If bespoke is the clear option, we simply need to ensure the business case for bespoke has been explained and agreed.
  • 5 - Funding and Revenue Generation Strategy

  • 6 - Compliance, Governance and Legal

  • Also are there any geo-specific location of data hosting due to compliance?
  • Technical Analysis


  • Will there be a mobile app, what platforms and device types? also whats the location of users?
  • System Logic

  • Specific Technical Requirements and Features

  • Technical Approach (what and why)

  • Identify the age/versions of any existing kit they might intend on using? Identify any specific access challenges that might be in place – e.g. old kit, firewalls, usage policy, lockdown etc.