Software Development

We create bespoke web and mobile applications, approached with a complete focus on the user experience. Our talented collective selects the best and most innovative technologies aligned with client requirements.

Our areas of expertise include:

.NET Development

Microsoft .NET is an industry standard language capable of delivering enterprise level applications that are secure and scalable. A solid choice for in-house business applications and fully supported by Microsoft.

We have built many bespoke applications using .NET which have added great value, automation and centralisation to businesses.

iOS Development

iOS is the proprietary development language of Apple and is a very reliable, secure and scalable choice for developing on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

We have developed both in-house and consumer applications for Apple, taking advantage of the rich user experience a ‘native’ app provides.

Windows Development

Windows is made up of smartphone, tablet and desktop versions of the Microsoft operating system, with proprietary hardware available such as the Microsoft Surface.

The app language shares many characteristics and integrates well with Microsoft .NET web applications.

PHP Development

PHP is a popular web development language capable of creating powerful applications, backed by the flexibility of being open source and widely supported within the tech community.

We have created many useful applications in PHP – for example tools to simplify the design and content management of websites.

Android Development

Android is a highly customisable and open source development language used across many smartphones and tablets. There are very few limitations in terms of deployment and it is easy and cost effective to develop on.

We have experience developing Android applications across both smartphones and tablets – often in parallel with creating an iOS version.

Cross Platform Development

We develop apps to run across multiple platforms using products such as Phone Gap and Xamarin. These share the same codebase making development overall more centralised.

When applied correctly, cross platform apps can maintain a balance between functionality and cost, without a negative impact on the user experience.

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