DevOps & CloudOps 

Get secure, robust and reliable cloud architecture on your choice of cloud platform while minimising costs.

Cloud Architecture Design

Cloud Migration

Cloud Deployment  

Cloud Support

Container Deployment

CI/CD setup & support

Cloud architecture design

We’re experienced in a variety of cloud platforms and their capabilities. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a cloud, build a cloud-native application, or optimise your existing cloud infrastructure, we’ll ensure a seamless and secure transition.

  • Experts in cloud architecture design
  • Resilient and cost-efficient solutions
  • High performance system development
  • Tailored to your unique needs

Cloud migration

Our experienced team work to understand your current on-premise cloud infrastructure, your challenges and your goals. We’ll plan out a clear roadmap to achieving a new, secure and reliable cloud architecture system on your choice of platform, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

  • Minimal disruption migration
  • Expert management of your applications and data
  • Optimisation of performance and scalability
  • Choice of cloud service maximises your cost efficiencies


    Cloud Deployment

    Maybe you’re a startup looking to launch a web or mobile app, or a larger business looking for development support strategies. Wherever you are in your journey with the cloud, our experts are on hand to ensure your software is securely and seamlessly deployed to platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

    • Web and mobile app expertise
    • Cloud deployment strategies and advice
    • Enhanced performance, scalability and reliability
    • Choice of cloud service maximises your cost efficiencies

    Cloud Support

    Our cloud support services are here to support your digital infrastructure. We can tailor our support to your software needs, requirements and cloud environment whether it’s AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

    • UI/UX design for iOS or Android
    • Prototyping
    • Development
    • Quality assurance

    CI/CD setup & support

    We have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of CI/CD tools. We can recommend a solution that best empowers your business – and provide configuration services. We lead the entire setup and provide continuous support, enabling accelerated, agile and error-free development.

    • Automate your software development lifecycle
    • Minimise manual tasks
    • Shorten release cycles
    • Focus on innovation


    We’re experienced in packaging up software applications, dependencies and runtime environments into containerisation platforms. We can recommend and configure one that is most appropriate for supporting your DevOps and CI/CD workflows. 

    • We’ll work around your systems 
    • Enhance your portability, scalability and security 
    • Accelerate your software development 

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    We run high-level discovery workshops.

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