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GreenZone is a successful, ethical and innovative commercial cleaning company based in the UK. Honoured with a Royal Warrant, GreenZone loves the world they clean and the company puts sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning services at the heart of everything they do.


  • Customer: GreenZone
  • Industry: Facilities Management
  • Think Digitally Services: Bespoke ERP
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    Meet the customer

    The challenge

    GreenZone were running their business on outdated legacy systems; 60 decentralised and non-scalable spreadsheets. These complex spreadsheets were timing consuming to upkeep and ultimately were limiting GreenZone’s growth. They wanted to make the switch to a modernised data system as stress-free as possible.

    The solution

    Through extensive teamwork, we worked to understand GreenZone’s unique goals and challenges. Working closely with different departments and by adopting an agile approach, we delivered a custom-built G.Net solution in phases that transformed 60 spreadsheets into a simple process.  

      The result  

      The successful delivery of the Store Support Dashboard (ERP system) has led to a number of key results, benefits and improvements for Greenzone:

      • Elimination of data silos via process and workflow standardisation
      • Reduction of manual processes and human error via task automation efficiencies
      • Better insights and decision-making via enhanced report generation capabilities
      • Improved collaboration and growth scalability
      • Enhanced data security and compliance


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