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The client has been developing and implementing telecoms solutions for 40+ years. They are dedicated to creating a worldwide ecosystem that supports telecom operators to reduce their environmental footprint. In 2017 they introduced a centralised online platform, designed for sourcing and efficiently managing recycled telecom equipment assets.


  • Industry: Telecoms  
  • Think Digitally Services: Software Development, TaaS  

Meet the customer

The challenge   

When we took over from an existing development team, the online platform wasn’t finished – and needed a huge amount of optimisation. There were many separate, and siloed, internal systems and processes that needed to be analysed and understood on a global scale – all with limited documentation which created a complex handover.  

We needed to act as streamlined as possible to connect new and legacy systems, allowing them to talk to one another.  As well as manage a backlog of fix requests from both internal users and external clients.  

The solution

After the handover and work undertaken to optimise the online platform, we took full control of all global software development operations for the client in the EMEA and USA regions. We collaborated with the existing in-house team to effectively facilitate the transition and onboarding process.

The result  

Through collaboration, the client has successfully expanded and scaled their worldwide ecosystem for telecommunications operators, fostering growth and scalability. 

As their software partner, we continue to deliver their core product. We work closely with their external customers, including global mobile and wireline operators, to achieve this. 

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